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5 Real Health Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know Chicken Could Provide

5 Real Health Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know Chicken Could Provide

Did you know that in 2015, people in the U.S. consumed over 90.1 pound of chicken per capita? That’s a lot of chicken. But whether you’re a fan of chicken wings, fried chicken, chicken soup, or just chicken in general, there are a lot of hidden health benefits to eating this white meat.

That’s right, chicken soup isn’t just part of the placebo effect. It can actually benefit you! If you’re wondering what other health benefits can come from eating chicken, here’s a short list (for your health).

Relieve PMS Symptoms
Every woman has a different experience with PMS, but some of the most common symptoms include fatigue, mood swings, and skin problems. Chicken, be it fast food or homemade chicken soup, contains magnesium, which helps relieve some of these symptoms.

Improves Immune Activity
As previously stated, chicken soup really does have health benefits. The hot steam of the the soup can help clear congestion, and the hot liquid can help protect the throat from infections. One study suggested that chicken soup inhibits some cell movement that causes inflammation during smaller infections, thus reducing overall inflammation as a result.

Stress Reliever
Like turkey, chicken contains a few nutrients that can actually aid in stress relief. These are tryptophan and vitamin B5. That turkey coma on Thanksgiving actually happens at a smaller scale every time you eat chicken! And if chicken soup makes you nostalgic for days gone by, you get an extra dose of stress relief every time you indulge.

Keeps Skin Healthy
Remember those B vitamins we were talking about? Turns out, they’re extremely helpful for maintaining healthy skin! And chicken is full of them. If that doesn’t convince you to turn your kitchen into a chicken kitchen, nothing will.

Helps Build Muscle
IF you’ve just finished working out and are’t sure where to eat or which place to get food delivery from, go somewhere that serves or delivers chicken. While you should stay away from the deep-fried stuff, a chicken kitchen provides a great source of protein that can help you rebuild all of the muscle you’ve spent the past hour stressing out.

Chicken is not only delicious, it’s good for you! Next time you’re feeling sick or tired, put chicken at the top of the list of things you should eat.