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7 Myths About Latin American Food

7 Myths About Latin American Food

latin restaurantWhat’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “Latin food”? Probably something along the lines of spicy, unhealthy tacos and burritos, right? Too few people realize that the classic tacos and burritos are actually Tex-Mex cuisine, not true Latin fare. Here are some more myths about Latin food that might deter people from trying this delicious cuisine. So here are some of the most common myths about Latin food, debunked:

Myth: All Latin food is spicy.
Fact: Although chilis are featured in many Latin dishes, not all Latin dishes are spicy! Some peppers are sweet, some are mild, and, yes, some are spicy. But the type of pepper used depends on the dish.

Myth: Tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are the only options in Mexican food.
Fact: These may be the most well-known, but they’re certainly not the only options. When you go to a Latin restaurant, the menu is packed full with a variety of options. A lot of these dishes contain chicken, which is great news for the U.S. since it has chicken as it’s number one consumed protein. Americans consume more chicken than any other country in the world — so why not try to expand your Mexican food order and get some chicken that we all seem to love so much?

Myth: Latin food = Mexican food
Fact: While Mexico is a Latin American country, it’s not the only one. There are 20 sovereign states and several territories that make up Latin America, each with their own unique palate.

Myth: It’s all fried and smothered in cheese.
Fact: Not all Latin cuisine is fried or smothered in cheese. Again, some dishes may be fried in oil or drowned in melted cheese, but that doesn’t mean they all are.

Myth: There are no non-meat options.
Fact: Latin food can vary depending on the region, so there are some cuisines that are more meat-focused, and some that are not. Coastal regions, like Mexico, Chile, and Peru focus more of their dishes on fish and seafood.

Myth: Latin food is unhealthy.
Fact: Many Latin dishes are vegetable-based, using rice, quinoa, beans, and other veggies as the main focus of the dish. While there are a lot of food stands that have quick and easy fried foods to eat on the go, If you take the time to make a meal or visit a Latin restaurant, you’ll see there are plenty of healthy food options.

Myth: Every Latin cocktail contains Tequila
Fact: While Tequila is featured in many cocktails, there is always a list of fine wines to go along with your Latin cuisine.

So next time you’re trying to decide where to eat, consider choosing a Latin restaurant to spice up your night. It also makes a great choice for catering events so do some research on local Latin restaurant delivery and catering options.