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Chicken Catering? There’s A Drink To Go With That

Chicken Catering? There’s A Drink To Go With That

Chicken is one of America’s favorite comfort foods and is the top protein consumed in the United States. And for good reason. Not only can chicken be flavored in a variety of tasty ways, but it’s also one of the healthiest types of protein you can eat. It’s no question, then why some of the best South Beach catering services offer rotisserie chicken delivery.

However, chicken delivery from South Beach catering isn’t enough to make a complete meal. What are you going to drink? Consider the following beverages you can pair with your South Beach catering this weekend.

    1. Whiskey
      Whiskey is an international favorite that can be drunk over ice, straight, or in a cocktail. Whiskey is great to drink with rotisserie chicken and even chicken wings. The smoky, vanilla flavor brings out the savory taste of your meal — so long as you are over the age of 21!
    1. Moscato
      Moscato and other types of white wine are one of the best drinks to pair with chicken. White wine has a sweeter and subtle taste compared to red wine, which allows the rich, savoriness of rotisserie chicken to stand out. If Moscato isn’t your favorite, try Chardonnay.
    1. Old-Fashioned
      Cocktails are a great way to bring out the fun in any dinner party. An Old-Fashioned, in particular, is one of the best cocktails to pair with rotisserie chicken. This is because the mix of flavors in the drink doesn’t overtake the flavors of the chicken. In fact, a combination of something smooth like apple brandy and vermouth can make the complex seasonings of the chicken truly shine.
  1. Champagne
    Sparkling wines like Champagne go well with fried chicken and chicken wings because of the smooth and fruity flavors. When paired with savory chicken, both the seasoning of the chicken as well as the flavors of the wine shine through in an adventurous and pleasant way. Other sparkling wines include Chardonnay, Pinot noir, and Pinot blanc.

South Beach chicken is filled with flavor that can satisfy you nowhere else. However, pairing your rotisserie chicken with just any beverage can mute these wonderful flavors. By following the drink tips above, you can guarantee the next time you order South Beach delivery will be an incredible experience.