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How Chicken Conquered The States One Cluck At A Time

How Chicken Conquered The States One Cluck At A Time

Chicken is one of the most popular foods in the United States. In fact, Americans eat more chicken per capita than any other country in the world and, in the U.S., it’s considered the number one consumed protein.

But foods like South Beach chicken delivery and chicken wings weren’t always popular. So how did chicken come to conquer the palate of the average American?

The History of Chicken in America
The chicken revolution in America began in 1607 when English settlers brought over a flock of chickens to Jamestown. The idea was that the birds would help the colony survive the land’s winters. However, birds such as pigeon, duck, turkey, and goose soon became the preferred poultry among the English.

Chicken soon became a beneficial bird to enslaved Africans after the Virginia General Assembly banned slaves from owning cattle, pigs, and horses in 1692. Additionally, slaves were banned from raising geese and ducks at George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon. However, chickens were still available, and many slaves who came from West Africa had a long history of raising chickens.

Slaves who cooked soon began to influence their slavers’ tastes and soon slaves had laid the foundation for America’s love for chicken. Chicken increased in popularity in the 1840s when China was forced to open to trade by western countries. Asian chickens and American chickens were bred to produce more meat and lay more eggs.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, there was a significant influx of Jewish people from Eastern Europe who relied heavily on chicken for protein. The growth in immigration increased the demand for chicken and the poultry farms in the Midwest began to boom.

Chicken received another boost in popularity when more people began to move to urban areas where chicken was cheaper than pork and beef. This inexpensive meat continued to be popular throughout the Great Depression and was eventually called the savior of poverty-stricken rural Americans by agriculture secretary Henry A. Wallace.

Today, chicken has become one of America’s most favorite meats. In fact, despite the celebration of beef and turkey in the U.S., we eat more chicken than either one.

Chicken is a great source of protein that’s considerably healthy compared to red meat. For more information on rotisserie chicken delivery and South Beach catering, contact Chicken Brasa today.