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Food Delivery Can Be Healthy, Too: How to Make Smart Choices

Food Delivery Can Be Healthy, Too: How To Make Smart Choices

There’s nothing more satisfying than ordering in food delivery after a hard day of work, a long day at the beach, or a night out with friends. It’s a well known fact that Americans love their restaurants and fast food. In fact, food and drink sales from restaurants in the U.S. were predicted to exceed $683 billion in 2014.

But increasingly, Americans are concerned about staying healthy and making smart eating choices, too. A healthy diet, however, doesn’t necessarily mean a dull or unexciting one. Food delivery options can be healthy, too — so long as you know where to eat and what to order.

Here are some smart tips and tricks for keeping your diet on track while still enjoying a good made-to-order meal.

  • Go with a lean protein. People commonly mistake eating “healthier” with eating “less.” That’s not always the case. Choosing lean proteins like chicken that give you energy and fill you up at dinner will help prevent you from reaching for the cookie jar at bedtime. Unfortunately, fried chicken still carries some extra calories, so opt for grilled or rotisserie chicken if you’re on a diet.
  • Choose vegetable sides. What goes better with a rotisserie chicken delivery than fresh vegetables? Stick with leafy greens, zucchini, or peppers for a satisfying accompaniment to your main course without the guilt.
  • Save some for later. The best part about food delivery is that you can immediately divvy up your portions into a container to save in the fridge for lunch the next day. Listen to your body to recognize when you’re full.
  • Share with a crowd. Family meals aren’t only good for your social life, they’re good for your wallet and waistline, too. Order food delivery for your next get-together to make prep work and cleanup easy and to maximize your time together. People who share meals together are also less likely to overeat.

Before starting a healthy diet, you should focus on all the ways you can enjoy your food and appreciate what it does for your body. Why make yourself miserable with a boring diet when you can still enjoy restaurant food responsibly? Make smart choices about healthy eating habits every day, and in time, your body will come to thank you.