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Food Delivery: The Ultimate 21st Century Convenience

Food Delivery: The Ultimate 21st Century Convenience

fooddeliveryAmericans love chicken.

There’s no denying it. We eat more chicken than anyone else in the world. In fact, it was the number one protein consumed in the United States last year. In 2015, Americans consumed 90.1 pounds of chicken per capita.

Let’s be honest — Is there anything better than getting a bucket of chicken wings delivered straight to your door? Fast food delivery is the ultimate 21st century convenience, and now you can place your order just by touching the screen of your mobile phone with a food delivery app.

Why We Love Restaurant Delivery

  1. It’s simple. In today’s day and age we are all about making life a little easier. We crave convenience just as we crave our favorite restaurant-quality foods. Nothing combines those two things better than a mobile delivery service. All you have to do is place your order over the phone or online and wait for your meal to arrive at your door. No cooking, no driving. You don’t even have to put on your shoes.
  2. It’s comfortable. Dining out can be fun, but sometimes you’re just not in the mood. You can avoid the crowds and conversation without sacrificing food quality by eating at home, on the couch, in your sweats. Curl up on the sofa, binge-watch your favorite Netflix show, and forget about the stresses of the world outside.
  3. It’s less expensive. Think about it this way –- you’re saving money on gas, drinks, and tip. Since you don’t have to drive anywhere, you don’t have to worry about gas. Most restaurants don’t deliver alcoholic beverages, which can really drive up a bill when you go out to eat. Finally, though you should tip the delivery driver, you won’t tip nearly as much as you would tip a waiter. Most places will charge a delivery fee, but that’s nothing compared to what you’re saving.

Depending on where you live, you can get virtually any kind of food delivered. Florida is known for its authentic Latin restaurants, for instance, but is home to virtually every type of cuisine. In 2014, there were 39,325 eating and drinking establishments in the whole state. Now you can get that mouth-watering Latin flavor delivered straight to your home. Enjoy your plantains, cornbread, and rotisserie chicken from the comfort of your couch.

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