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You Haven’t Experienced Florida Until You’ve Tasted This

You Haven’t Experienced Florida Until You’ve Tasted This

restaurantsDo you have any idea just how popular chicken is in the United States? As a nation, we love chicken. In fact, Americans eat more chicken than anyone else on the planet! Of all the different meats we have available to us, chicken is the number one protein consumed in the United States. Last year, the United States consumed over 90 pounds of chicken per person, and that number is predicted to rise to almost 92 this year.

What is it that we love so much about chicken? What makes it the meat that stands above the rest in the hearts and stomachs of the American people? Perhaps it is because chicken is so versatile; it can be found in a multitude of different ethnic cuisines, and can be used in so many dishes with different flavors. We eat chicken for breakfast, lunch, anddinner. Some of us cook chicken at home, and some of us prefer to have our chicken prepared for us by professionals at a restaurant or through a catering company.

Barbecue is one of the most popular styles of chicken in the United States, but there exist different kinds of barbecue with roots in various parts of the country. Memphis, Alabama, Kansas City, and even specific regions of Texas all boast their own styles. Barbecue in these areas have almost a cult following, and are a source of pride for their home town or state.

The state of Florida, particularly the southern region, has become a hot spot for Latin barbecue. This is a logical phenomenon due to Florida’s large Hispanic or Latino population. Latin culture can be found in many other areas of life in the Sunshine State, but nothing brings people together quite like food. Latin barbecue is all about the rotisserie chicken, and is often a healthier option than the American barbecue found elsewhere. After an afternoon at the beach, or a long night of fun on the town, you may be wondering where to eat. Latin restaurants in Florida will have some of the best chicken in the country. You would be robbing yourself of the true taste of Florida if you visited and did not check out the authentic Latin restaurants in South Beach.