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Here’s How to Make Good Food Choices When Eating Out

Here’s How To Make Good Food Choices When Eating Out

where to eat near meIf you’re starving and need a bite to eat, it takes a matter of seconds to whip out your phone and search “where to eat near me.” The results, however, can be dizzying in their multitudes. If you’re in the South Beach area and looking to grab a quick bite before hitting the beach or need a pick-me-up snack after leaving a club, check us out! We specialize in rotisserie chicken with a light Latin flavor that will keep you coming back for more. Not only are we supremely tasty, we also offer healthy, light, and flavorful food. For those watching their waistlines, we’re a great way to eat healthy on the go, without sacrificing flavor or quality. We’re not “fast food” — we’re casual fast, offering a healthier and higher quality level of food that’s still inexpensive and delicious. Eliminate the “where to eat near me” search on your phone, and head straight for our door!

Healthy Food Doesn’t Have to be Boring
The “new healthy” is sweeping the nation, full of bright colors, interesting vegetables, and leaner ways to consume meat. Chicken actually recently surpassed beef in popularity. In 2015, the United States ate a little over 90 pounds of chicken per capita and the National Chicken Council had predicted that in 2016, that will go up to almost 92 pounds of chicken per capita. In fact, it’s the number one protein eaten in the United States. We actually eat more chicken than anyone else in the world!

We offer you grilled rotisserie chicken with a light Latin touch, making it healthy, but also fun! It’s not your average deep fried chicken you could get in a fast food restaurant. If you’re heading to the beach, you might be thinking about watching your weight, but not want to sacrifice taste for health. With our meals, you don’t have to.

Tips on How to Eat Healthy When Going Out
Almost anyone on a diet knows the difficulty of finding (or choosing) healthy options when eating out or catching a quick bite. Look for leaner meats — is there chicken, pork, or fish available instead of beef or bacon? Is there a baked or grilled option instead of fried? Vegetarian options will help you get your needed vegetable servings of the day and can often be lower cal and lower fat than many meat dishes. Load up on vegetables on sandwiches, burritos, or other customizable dishes.

Been dreaming about pasta or another carb-filled dish? Everything in moderation. Instead of a heavy cream sauce, look for a lighter, tomato-based sauce. Choose sorbet or an ice cream for dessert instead of a heavier dish.

Look for hearty salads with plenty of protein and consider drinking natural fruit juices or water, instead of soda or alcohol.

Why You Should Stop By Our Doors
It can be so disappointing to search “where to eat near me” on your phone and find that many of those places are closed. Luckily, we have long hours from 11 AM to 6 AM. So whether you want to grab a mid-morning snack before the beach or other activity, are dropping by for lunch or dinner, or need a bite to eat after the clubs, we’re here for you. We draw on the roots of the population of the area, offering a genuine South Beach vibe in our food.

We also offer food delivery to the South Beach area (within the zip code 33139) and offer catering. Love our food but don’t want to leave your house? No problem. We have you covered. Want to share your love of our food with your office or group of friends? Let us cater your next event at affordable prices.

Let us help you choose a healthier option when you need a bite to eat. Fall in love with our grilled rotisserie chicken options and light Latin flavor. We want to be your go-to spot before the beach or after a night out! Next time your friends are looking for that “where to eat near me” spot, tell them you’ve got the perfect spot.