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Is Rotisserie Chicken Good for You

Is Rotisserie Chicken Good For You

latin restaurantsGetting a meal that’s both tasty and healthy is a challenge. However, eating the rotisserie chicken debunks this argument. For this reason, the meal is popular across various Latin restaurants in Miami.

So, do you want a taste of this delicacy? You can eat it right off the bones or add other recipes like chili, tacos, and soup. Either way, it is a source of key minerals and vitamins.

Rotisserie chicken boasts of high protein content. Your body relies on this protein to build cells, bones, tissues, muscles, and other body organs. It also plays a major role when developing healthy eating habits.

According to experts, your body needs at least 30 grams of protein daily. This helps your muscles to grow while keeping hunger at bay. Other than proteins, rotisserie chicken contains traces of various minerals like iron, calcium, and vitamin A.

All these benefits contribute to an increase in demand for chicken. The National Chicken Council reveals that over 91.8 pounds of chicken per capita were consumed in 2016. The figures keep on getting bigger every year.

Visit the best Latin restaurants in Miami that serve this delicacy. However, if you are busy, place an order for chicken delivery to your home. Here are the primary reasons why you should include rotisserie chicken in your menu, today.

1. Healthy Proteins

Your body needs proteins for energy and keeping your cells and muscles healthy. Eating 3 ounces of rotisserie breast meat gives your body 23.8 grams of proteins. This is 43 percent of 56 grams that men require every day and 52 percent of 46 grams that women require in a day. A rotisserie chicken thigh, from Latin restaurants, contains 22.9 grams of protein.

2. Rotisserie Chicken Nutrition

According to the Center for Disease Control, eating 3-ounce of rotisserie chicken meat releases 8.2 milligrams of niacin to your body. Ideally, this translates to 59 percent of what women should take (14 milligrams) in a day. It also provides 52 percent of what men need to take (16 milligrams) per day. But why does your body require niacin?

It ensures you have a healthy digestive system. It also promotes skin and nerve health.

Further, a rotisserie thigh gives your body 205 milligrams of phosphorus. Your body requires 700 milligrams of phosphorous to maintain healthy teeth and bones. Eating chicken regularly will also reduce the risk of arthritis.

All other pieces of rotisserie chicken will provide small amounts of zinc, iron, potassium, and vitamin B-12. Well, the only way to enjoy these benefits is by placing an order for your best chicken recipe in Latin restaurants. Alternatively, you can request caterers to make home delivery.

3. Tastier Food

Do you want to surprise your spouse, friends, or family with delicious food? Then, choose the best Latin restaurants to place your order. Alternatively, you can get the chicken delivered to your preferred location.

Agree with your caterers on how you want the food to be served. For example, a grilled chicken is much healthier as it drains all unhealthy fats from the chicken meat. Further, the meal is tender and saucier.

4. Helps with Weight Loss

Every healthy plate must have a piece of chicken. But why?

Chicken is a source of lean meat, which means it doesn’t have too much fat. Further, opting for a grilled chicken means that unhealthy fats will be lost in the process. Therefore, regularly eating chicken will help with your weight loss.


Eating rotisserie chicken offers your body a variety of nutritional benefits. The American Heart Association recommends people to eat more chicken, along with more beans and fish, than red meat. With a grilled rotisserie chicken, you’ll get higher protein content with lower amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats than you’ll get from red meat. Even better, the chicken has robust amounts of minerals like niacin, phosphorous and Vitamin B-12. All these help boost your immune system, build strong bones and a great digestive system.