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Why You Should Make South Beach Your Next Vacation Getaway

Why You Should Make South Beach Your Next Vacation Getaway

south beach restaurantsTrying to find the best vacation spot in the United States may feel like searching through a list of road trips headed for the Midwest. If you’re not a fan of the desert and prefer your fun in the sun on the beach, South Beach, Florida is one of the best places you can visit.

With an eclectic style and a gorgeous climate, South Beach is a favorite among many Americans both local and visiting. Here’s why you should make South Beach your paradise destination the next time you take two weeks off of work:

  1. The beachIt isn’t the sand dunes that give South Beach its name. South Beach is right on the edge of the beaches of Florida, which is what makes it so popular with surfers and families. The beach is particularly great when you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your vacation. Heading out to the warm blue water can easily give you something to do for hours and with no money necessary.
  2. A Caribbean vacation right at homeSouth Beach is located geographically near the Caribbean, which means the climate is relatively similar to the Bahamas, Cancun, and the Dominican Republic. So the only thing you need to go for a visit is a plane ticket or a car. You can leave your passport at home.
  3. The foodAmericans love food, especially chicken. In 2015, the United States consumed up to 90.1 pounds of chicken per capita. That’s a lot of poultry. Fortunately for food lovers, Florida is a place many restaurants call home: there were up to 39,325 places to eat in Florida as of 2014.South Beach restaurants are renowned for their unique and amazing food. Miami has a large Latin population and South Beach is a hearty mix of cultures. South Beach’s Chicken Brasa is one of those South Beach restaurants where you can get your food as late as you need it. Specializing in rotisserie chicken delivery, this restaurant also offers chicken wings and catering if you decide you need to share the flare of South Beach restaurants with others.
  4. The carsIf you’re not really a fan of the beach but love to look at cars, South Beach is great for that, too. Set up shop at one of the South Beach restaurants and enjoy a drink while watching the glamorous cars that pass. You can also take time while relaxing to gaze up at the Art Deco architecture surrounding you with its lovely hues of pink, blue, and yellow.

South Beach, Florida is an amazing place where visitors can feel like locals and the locals can feel like they’re on vacation every day of the year. For great food and a great experience, visit South Beach for your next dream vacation.