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Restaurant, Catering, or Delivery: Chicken is a Great Choice!

Restaurant, Catering, Or Delivery: Chicken Is A Great Choice!

Looking for the best rotisserie chicken delivery available? Maybe for a light and healthy meal before heading to the beach? You are not alone. Many restaurants now are trying to earn the reputation of having the best chicken around. But did you know that chicken is a healthy choice, too? That is one reason why you will find chicken on the menu in nearly every restaurant you visit. Here are some ways chicken is not only delicious, but good for you, too.

Health Benefits of Chicken

  1. Gives the Immune System a Boost: Chicken is loaded with several types of protein. These types of protein include magnesium, iron, and potassium. These protein forms have been proven to strengthen the cells in your immune system. This is a great benefit to the immune system, giving it a boost of strength to fight off diseases.
  2. Great for Cardiovascular Health: With a fat content of zero, a chicken breast is an ideal source of protein for your body. It has been shown to ward off increases in cholesterol and in blood pressure.
  3. Beneficial for Eyesight: Many people are not aware that chicken is a wonderful source of beta-carotene. And beta-carotene is one of the most important nutrients in maintaining healthy eyes. Regular consumption of chicken has been known to help treat dry eye, cataracts, and even macular degeneration.

Whether it’s catering or chicken delivery, restaurants know that chicken is a popular menu item that will always be in demand. And chicken offers two other advantages, as well. First, it is plentiful. It has been reported, that on a ready-to-cook basis, over 40 billion pounds of chicken were sold in 2015. And along with that, about 9 billion broiler chickens were produced for a total of approximately 53 billion pounds. That’s a lot of chicken! And secondly, chicken is a very versatile ingredient. It can be served hot or cold and prepared in so many different ways!

Not only is it delicious, but as we have seen here, there are many health benefits associated with chicken. A good restaurant is well aware of that. So, when choosing a restaurant, or caterer, make sure to look at the chicken dishes on the menu. You’ll be in for a wonderful meal, and your body will thank you for it, too!