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The Benefits Found in Latin American Cuisine

The Benefits Found In Latin American Cuisine

Florida is home to some of the best tasting authentic Latin American cuisine, and South Beach restaurants are host to some amazing and delicious dishes. For as mouthwatering as Latin American foods can be, many may not realize that plenty of the culture’s dishes are healthy as well. By using favorable cooking methods and fresh ingredients, Latin American restaurants have become frequented stops throughout South Beach. If you’re looking to better your food experience while in the city, consider indulging in Latin American style dishes.


Chicken is the number one source of protein in the United States, and it is commonly used as the main ingredient in Latin American dishes. By using the rotisserie method, which is a common and viable option, you’re consuming a lean and protein-filled meat that avoids greases and oils. According to Foods For Better Health, rotisserie chicken is filled with healthy vitamins and minerals that promote healthy digestion and skin.

This method of cooking fits greatly into authentic Latin American cuisine, and some of the best rotisserie chicken restaurants can be found in South Beach, Florida. You’re sure to find some of the best chicken wings and pollo a la brasa (rotisserie chicken) in the city, and this source of protein can be complemented with some zingy Latin sides.

Sides and Herbs and Spices

Latin American dishes commonly place hearty options such as corn and beans alongside their main source of protein, but these are only a couple of sides out of many that promote the health of individuals. Along with being tasty options, plenty of sides are going to be high in fiber and vitamins.

The health benefits of chicken and sides are further bolstered by vegetables such as tomato and avocado. These additions are great sources of vitamin C and potassium and are used liberally in Latin meals. These foods offer a variety of nutritious benefits, and the unique zing of spices can boost the overall enjoyment of these meals. From cilantro, cumin, paprika and more, the genuine flavors of Latin American keep South Beach natives and visitors content and coming back for more.

Bringing Them All Together!

Healthy meals are good for individual health and betterment, but authentic Latin American cuisine is also going for simply enjoying great tasting meals. Whether you’re in the mood to dine in, order out, or even cater, you can enjoy Latin American cuisine for any occasion — and what better place than in beautiful South Beach, Florida!